Jonind AB provides 3 month warranty for engines and gearboxes.

All of our products are checked detailed by qualified mechanics.

Jonind AB takes responsibility for compatibility of engines and gearboxes. Before purchasing engine or gearbox, it is necessary to provide vehicle/chassis VIN code, so that we ensure compatibility. If client provides only part number or engine code, gearbox code, Jonind AB does not takes responsibility about compatibility.

If happens so, that engine or gearbox is not compatible, client has right to ask for refund, or to get another engine or gearbox.

If worst case happens that engine or gearbox does not function for any reasion, as it should, Jonind AB do not cover installation costs, but sends another product in exchange or refunds client.

Engine or gearbox if returned to seller (Jonind AB) Has to be in original appearance and original package – without removing any parts or removing paint markings