Used engines mounting instruction 

Jonind AB provide 3 months warranty for used car engines. Each engine is checked by qualified mechanic. Although, we shouldn’t forget that this is second hand item, so some characteristics can be not like for new product. Warranty is provided for engine and it’s accessories, but only fuel system (Injectors, fuel pump, fuel rail) and turbocharger. Other parts which left on engine are free of charge, and warranty does not cover them.

As soon as client receives engine or gearbox, it’s important to check engine or gearbox for visual damages with courier. If client accepts engine of gearbox from courier, and client didn’t marks any package or engine, gearbox damages, we do not take responsibility for this.
If client notices any damages on package or engine or gearbox, he can accept the engine or gearbox and mark notes in courier document. Also, client can refuse engine or gearbox.

To be able to use warranty, it’s necessary to provide us following documents:

Invoice of workshop or official dealer, where specified which new parts were used when installing engine;
Free form declaration, where specified how engine installation was made, and it’s necessary to follow following steps:

1) check the circuits: water, oil, air, fuel;
2) check the rocker arms and the injectors and adjust them if necessary;
3) check the oil pump. Usually it’s necessary to fill it manual with oil and measure oil pressure with special tools;
4) turn the engine with a key to check that engine is turning freely;
5) replace certain accessories with new ones, and in particular oil, air and fuel filters, spark plugs or preheating plugs, timing kit or timing chain (belt, rollers and water pump), belts (alternator, water pump), products (coolant, oil ), injector seals; oil cooler, and turbochargers supply and return hoses.

After engine is installed to vehicle, it’s necessary to:

To turn starter few times without connected electric. That will make oil pump increase pressure and that will avoid engine running without oil.

After engine is started, it’s important to let engine idle a bit, without accelerating. It’s necessary to check instrument cluster, for coolant and oil pressure lights.

Usually, all engine assemble works requires to connect official brand diagnostics tool, to reset factory settings.


When purchasing engine, client confirms that he is familiar with all the instructions of mounting engine and gearbox. Not following instructions, it voids the warranty and it’s no longer valid of engine or gearbox.